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Additionally, X-ray scattering, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, circular dichroism, and fluorescence spectroscopy also point to localised folding of tau [].Moreover, tau conformation is readily disrupted by proline-directed tau phosphorylation which variably results in loosening and tightening of the paperclip structure, and this may be dependent on the specific sites of tau phosphorylation [ Binding of tau to microtubules.Finally, we describe the cascade of pathological events that may be driven by tau dysfunction, including impaired axonal transport, alterations in synapse and mitochondrial function, activation of the unfolded protein response and defective protein degradation.It is important to fully understand the range of neuronal functions attributed to tau, since this will provide vital information on its involvement in the development and pathogenesis of disease.Exons 4A, 6 and 8 are transcribed exclusively in the peripheral nervous system, from a 9-kb transcript, which is translated into a series of larger tau proteins of 110–120 k Da.

The microtubule binding domain consists of four imperfectly repeated motifs, separated by flanking regions, which together provide the primary structures by which tau binds and stabilises microtubules.In contrast to the majority of the tau molecule, the second and third microtubule binding domain repeats exhibit a propensity to form an ordered β-sheet structure [].However, this apparent lack of well-defined secondary structure does not preclude tau folding through intramolecular interactions between its differently charged domains.We highlight the post-translational modifications of tau, which are pivotal in defining and modulating tau localisation and its roles in health and disease.We include discussion of other pathologically relevant changes in tau, including mutation and aggregation, and how these aspects impinge on the propensity of tau to propagate, and potentially drive neuronal loss, in diseased brain.

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