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Little does Dad know that Mary built the garden with Sasquatch's help. After the credits roll, you see the same conversation through Lil'Sas' eyes, as he looks down from above in a nearby cave. Mary is seen next to him and tells a surprised and worried Dad to put his sword down, that "He's just a baby!

But by the end of season three she learns the truth about Mary and Dad, which is far different than the propaganda fed to her by her creator.

Featured in epidode 22-26, Oznog gives Mary and Dad a compass to find the way back home, provided they complete a quest, which involves clearing out three monster spawners in different parts of the map near the monastery. Missyfenstrider (on youtube) who is also Mary's older sister.

Crew Mary - the voice of Mary Dave - the voice of Dad Missyfenstrider - dads Rfunny concept artist, two-dimensional character and matte painter, story development lead and puppeteer for Lil'Sasquatch GNBen - has also puppeteered for Lil'Sasquatch and provided the voice of the elder Sasquatch in episode 7 Kozimandius - director, builder and star of some of the dads Rfunny short films Camera Mom - live action camerawoman for documentary-style, IRL-type short films Other crew - We are proud to note that we've had at least a dozen other kids and adults provide small voice talent contributions, set building and other advice and help since starting our channel!

This leads to her running away and being teleported, along with Dad, to EG's lair.

NPCs of note The Others - In a season 2 episode of the same name, EG Mk 5 tells Splice that "The Others" have not appeared and that he is sending the transmissions from Dad's camera out into the world so "The Others" might discover it and subsequently find their way back to him.

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