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The players usually count aloud to three, or speak the name of the game (e.g. The first known mention of the game was in the book Wuzazu In mushi-ken the "frog" (represented by the thumb) is superseded by the "slug" (represented by the little finger), which, in turn is superseded by the "snake" (represented by the index finger), which is superseded by the "frog".

Furthermore, challenge fellow Jan Ken masters around the world into a battle over the internet.

Better yet, invite your friends to Jan Ken Battle Arena to duel and claim the bragging rights to be the better Jan Ken master. Janken (じゃん拳 janken) is the Japanese equivalent of Rock Paper Scissors.

Therefore, Jan Ken master would mean the master of Rock, Paper and Scissors game, which is the core mechanic of Jan Ken Battle Arena. If you think you have seen it all, Jan Ken Battle Arena might be the game that will surprise you with its one of a kind hybrid gameplay.

A simultaneous, zero-sum game, it has only two possible outcomes other than a tie: one of the two players wins, and the other player loses.

A player who decides to play rock will beat another player who has chosen scissors ("rock crushes scissors" or sometimes "blunts scissors"), but will lose to one who has played paper ("paper covers rock"); a play of paper will lose to a play of scissors ("scissors cuts paper").

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