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The water level should never rise more than half-way up the side of pump housing before the pump activates to empty the sewage basin.

Also notice the new mirror mounts nuts are installed in the rim of the sewage basin: The combination check and ball valve is dry fitted to a 36 inch length of 2 inch PVC pipe to begin the sewage line connections.It runs vibration free but does make a noticeable “Rrrrrrr” noise when it pumps out the sewage basin. I cleaned the dirt and cement splatters off the sewage basin 2-part metal cover which revealed several rust blisters under the original paint.The rust spots were sanded down with a wire brush drill attachment and treated with Naval Jelly rust killer then painted with four coats of Rust-Oleum black enamel spray: The sewage basin metal cover is secured to the perimeter of the basin by mirror mount nuts and bolts.In the following photo the pump is shown with the gray mechanical float switch and white 2-inch threaded PVC pipe adapter on the discharge outlet.As the water level rises, the metal ball in the float switch rolls and closes the on/off switch contact to turn on the pump.

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“Head” is the vertical number of feet, including friction losses for plumbing elbows, that the pump must lift the sewage.

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