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Realistic aims for the future: graduate, work in a gallery for art restoration (or something similar), maybe get married, maybe have kids, be happy, and when I'm old and unusefull, eat chocolate untill I meet my happy, chocolate filled death Favourite Quotes: God sent Meat and the devil sends cooks. Special thanks to Randompersonofdoom for being extra awesome. the wattpad one has a story by my beloved sibling as well : P I'll be updating stuff on there instead... Merlin has changed Camelot forever but while that part of his life is complete, destiny has a new task for him. Naruto, who will now be within reach of his emotionally inept, traumatized, fanatical devotees. 'As Tsuna finds his genitals touch free and his face full of 'Specification of Lion Mating', he can't help but feel that maybe, this isn't going to be as enjoyable as he thought.' AU smut, 1827. It has been two months, three weeks and five days, to be exact, since Gokudera and Tsuna became a couple, and kissing is as far as they have gone. As punishment for his insufferable rudeness, Grimmjow is transformed into a harmless house cat by Aizen and thrown into the human world. Human beings like Beyond Birthday were never meant to be born with shinigami eyes. Pre-slash but the porniest thing I have ever written. COMPLETE LV/HP: Raised in a Muggle orphanage, Harry arrives at Hogwarts a bitter boy. I take it the wizarding world doesn't really have them, then? "No, not really." AU, assorted oneshots and snippets. Lightx L dark Mention to anyone that you're the head of a large crime syndicate who gets paid to organise and perpetrate crime on a national and sometimes even global level and, chances are they will, more than likely, assume you have quite a thrilling job. Draco, at thirty, is the youngest member of the Wizengamot, and thinks he's arrived at the height of power. "Please, don't kill me." What might have happened if Harry had not stabbed Riddle's diary? Mycroft is just as much of a genius as Sherlock is.(Thomas Deloney)Nothing is easier than to denounce the evil does; nothing more difficult than understanding him (Fyddor Dostoevsky)Fairy tales do not tell children that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed (G. Chesterton)There are no secrets better kept than the secrets that everybody guesses (George Bernard Shaw)Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self. If interested in what I'm doing in November: Na No Wri Mo is an event. Just some silliness ; DWhat's happening that affects/effects stories: Work. Also playing with my dog : DAll my links: (From chpt 5 of Performance in a Leading Role by Mad Lori, from John Watson) Funny thing is that it's about Toronto, and I live in Toronto for the most part : PFAN ART: HERE for My story Che' F-king Kitty (which I have to re-upload due to the name not being kosher to ffn.net)PODFICTION: Amazing Randompersonofdoom made a podfiction for my Torchwood story And I Wake Up. Now he has to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, hide the fact that he's the Merlin, and defeat a Dark Lord that's messing with magic he knows nothing about. 5 year old Harry accompanies the Dursleys on a Business trip to Stark International, where an industrial accident kills all of Harry's living relatives. Dating, Romance, noship Harry's had it with his destined role after the Order does something he can't forgive. Watson meets Sherlock Holmes, whose uncanny abilities mean he doesn't have to hide his 'gift' from him. That is, until Hibari catches them in the classroom, and takes things into his own hands. His predicament only worsens as a certain orange-haired Shinigami stumbles upon him. When he meets genius NPA detective Yagami Light, he tells him he can change his destructive nature - one he never had a choice in. Can be considered a sequel to Overdressed if you loved that story and have been waiting on tenterhooks to find out what happens next, but it isn't necessary. Unusually intelligent, he's recruited by the Unspeakables and the Death Eaters at a young age. Aggravated by school, seven-year-old Sherlock wanders off to a park where he winds up in trouble. Tsuna, 10th Boss-To-Be of the Vongola, enrolls in Katekyo H. to hone his mafia skills, though he is not aware of his other mission: find six candidates worthy of becoming his family -and more! 1827 & more It's difficult for Naruto to claim he doesn't like it, when his brother catches him about to jerk-off in his pants. But that's before he learns the secret of Ragnarok, the elite corps of wizards that serves the Wizengamot. Realizing what was at stake, Tom dropped the wand and fell to his knees. He keeps randomly kidnapping John for chats, and the locations get better.In this AU, Harry has the same grasp on his magic..a hatred for Muggles... Twelve years later, that plan is finally set in motion. After all, no one expected Vongola to handle a weak, petite, mute. They, on the other hand, find Desmond irresistable, much to Desmond's dismay. Post-The Great Game, but mainly inspired by events in Study in Pink. They can't understand why he seems to think they're talking about a fictional Victorian detective. A Yakuza, Sousuke Aizen, sees Ichigo and thinks he is a woman. Reborn didn't have to show him everything involved! What if someone followed Hagrid the night he delivered Harry to the Dursleys? AU that follows Harry as he grows up with the abusive Dursleys, and continues to his time at Hogwarts. and of course, if you don't like yaoi, don't read the damn thing... What will fourteen of them do now though when they've been sent to the 'cannon world' to learn from the REAL Harry? And the brat is going to cooperate, that he knows it or not. In a world of demons, there is a lone fox who struggles to survive. But Vongola is going to, from the most unlikeliest of things. Oh John, part of you has always loved the feeling of killing a man. Desmond/Altair/Ezio M/M/M SLASHFaced with nothing better to do, the Trio break out Monopoly. He was hiding something that she didn't really care about. He can't understand why they think Sherlock Holmes is real and living in 2010. Draco wants only the best in magical snakes for his son, and that means turning to serpent-breeder Harry Potter. He asks him out on a date which Ichigo is forced to accept. Tsuna learns that missing school is never a good idea when he needs Reborn to teach him of "reproduction" R27, lemony goodness!

Unfortunately, oblivious little Kobayakawa Sena learns this the hard way as his rivals start to act rather ... Bring on the detective L, who soon starts digging deeper to discover Harry's secrets! Starts with Dumbledore, Snape, and Mc Gonagall getting Harry, instead of Hagrid, and goes in random order from there. You have to wonder what those poor women he dates thinks of it, especially if John decides to try keeping one away from Sherlock, and Sherlock decides that it'd be best if he could get rid of her Anderson's half-brother is in town, and Sherlock's less than excited to meet him, but who would have expect what a treat John Watson would turn out to be. The events that follow after are nothing short of catastrophic. Sherlock is an alpha, but he leaves because John asks. John, as always, patiently waits out the craziness. When Sherlock's offered a case by a high-ranking lawyer that gives way to a murder investigation, John doesn't foresee that he could be the one being targeted. Tsuna has always been known as "No-Good Tsuna" all throughout his school years- and it was well-deserved. All right, it doesn't come right out and say that on the website. Voldemort takes his horcrux into protective custody. They are the most exclusive clubs in all of Japan and they specialize in auctioning off human beings. Naruto considered himself a lucky person until Sasuke decided he would be his living canvas. What does Aizen plan to do to the poor orange-haired teen? Tsuna should have never allowed the consumption of alcohols at the party. Multiple pairings; Bad words courtesy of Xanxus and Yamamoto, or Squalo and Gokudera, however you see it. Blind and with only a dog as a true friend, Tsuna never thought he'd be able to amount to anything and neither did anyone else. At least then you'll be forced to eat healthy, stand straight, sit normally, and sleep like a normal person. John's learning how to be a proper vampire, with a very improper sociopath "helping" him along the way. Sherlock stalks an assassin then gets kidnapped by said assassin. He should have realized his archnemesis would take this as a perfect opportunity to hurt his Most Important Person. Follow up to 'You'll Have To Do Better Than That' - Sherlock and John are on the Baskerville case while dealing with the aftermath of Sherlock's..found persuasive abilities. Persuasion Series (2/2)Ed is a chimera whose sole purpose in life has always been to protect his master. He had no athletic ability at all, bad grades, and even worse luck. See warnings inside."The Mayo Clinic prescription for hypothermia is this: Tea. But Sherlock can read between the lines." A prequel to "Heat Wave."Young Harry liked numbers, he liked using numbers and working out the value of things. Hao is lucky enough to get himself an invitation and he vows that he will leave there with one of the... Hao XYoh Cast away from his village, Kenpachi, in a violent rage comes to an abrupt halt when he is overwhelmed by the need to mate. One day Naruto gets to know how it feels like to run for his life. Harry decides he wants to do things his way, because Dumbledore's method of defeating Voldemort just doesn't appeal. *Yaoi-Rape* Aizen Ulquix Ichi-Ulqui Ichi-Aizenx Ichi-Grim Ulquix Ichi..Hiruma receives a box of chocolates on Valentines day without a name of who the sender is. Tsuna Sawada is your average computer otaku and not very social, but what happens when her world gets turned upside down? That is, until Reborn enters his life and turns his whole life upside down. (Cyril Connolly)The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living (Cicero)Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles (Charles Chaplin)Favourite character in a book/movie (non-anime): Death, from Terry Pratchetts series Discworld. March 2010: Europe Trip (i'm going to steal a rock from Stone Henge!! In the Month of November, you are challenged to write a 50, 000 word novel for the prize of getting your novel PRINTED at the end of that. HERE you go :) She's amazing and did the Faeries so freaking well. :3For info about what is happening with my stories, scroll up, it's right below the You Tube links. Now he's done with both sides of the war and wants to be left alone. Tsuna was eleven when he was hit by a car and walked away from the incident unscathed. They investigate Brixton cases of sudden retrograde amnesia"Dear Hiccup..." Hiccup's plans for his future were tentative at best...exactly how he liked them. Ichigo gets caught by a group of bullies who bring him to thier leader. Fifteen-year-old Harry Potter expects his decomposing corpse to be used as a footstool after being kidnapped by Voldemort, but is kept alive. He will be very easy to break."After the 1st hostage in TGG, Sherlock called Jim, figured out who he was, and now Jim comes to harass the consulting detective at 221B when they're both bored. As he grows older, he constantly has to struggle to keep his footing around a manipulative and bored Dark Lord, who fancies mind games and intellectual entertainment. He gets unexpected help from a strange boy just a bit older than him by the name of John. HPDM slash, sequel to 'The Mark of the Fox' and 'Wolf in the Making.' Harry has managed to flee from Draco, but Draco's Mark still burns on his arm, and Draco is reaching for him in more ways than one. COMPLETE.'There was no denying it, no avoiding it, ignoring it or forgetting it. This blinding pleasure was not something Harry wanted to ever give up...' Mature Rating, Slash Pairing. What happens when new artist Yagami Raito manages to capture the attention of socially inept, anonymous artist L Lawliet? Matchmakers, troublesome sisters, and crazy lawyers pretending to be drag queens? Cue Sherlock's younger sibling complex rearing up and jealousy ensues. Mello and Matt's happy new life begins to spiral downward. Or is a broken relationship, broken bones, and a broken budget all there is left for them?A close second would be the Death of Rats : DInteresting thing that happened in October 2009: I'M GOIN TO CIRQUE DU SOLEI!! BWAHAHA)Something awesome to watch/read: omigod, this was such an awesome Death Note doushinji! Warning though, it's yaoi, but not much of it is Rated M. You can put your own book on your bookshelf : P Awesome, huh? NA I know that a couple of authors participate, and it's really fun going to all the events and whatnot. Until I can think of anything else even remotely interesting to say, I'm going to stop writing now so you can stop reading this and instead read my Stories! At age twenty-six, Sawada Tsunayoshi dies without regret, leaving his place as Vongola's leader to another. But since when have his wishes ever counted for anything? He was twelve, when he fell from his bedroom window and woke to his mother's frantic face with nothing to show for his fall. There's such a thing as being too much like the 1st generation. Meet Charles, one of the many reincarnations of Harry Potter. Shirosaki likes what he sees and intends to make the redhead his. In a world of sorcerers and magic, Sherlock is a Faerie-born and John, lacking any kind of magical talent, often seems a bit out of place. AU lighthearted funfest with mature overtones, Post DH Harry gets pulled to an AU only to be expected to do it again. When Misa's beloved Humanoid starts to act strange, Misa rushes to her vet, who suggests getting a friend for Raito... With the intent to avenge his friend, Harry accidentally 'love dusts' himself in the presence of Draco Malfoy I call this my 'Willow' rip off fic, both the dusted dialogue & the dust of broken hearts are taken from said film with intent to spoof ; PSherlock needed to feel every beat of his heart, every rise and fall of his chest as he breathed. Hibari is a ruthless creature of the darkness, bent on breaking one innocent Tsunayoshi. Loosely based off song "Horror of our Love" by Ludo!

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Then they become best friends, because, hey, no matter what occupation he's in, John Watson is awesome. So what will happen when that duty is taken from him? Ed with a plot, Brotherhood chimeras, and concepts borrowed from Stray Dog. Shape-Shifters; the idolised, the envied, the loved and the hated. Naruto Uzumaki finds himself stepping into a world that he could never have imagined in his wildest dreams for the sake of rent. So what's he doing as The Guardians'-a popular band's-manager? His wife thinks he's having an affair, Sherlock Holmes makes comments, and John Watson just smiles knowingly. Everyone thinks Greg's in a relationship with Mycroft Holmes. When he found out that he was a wizard and had a big pile of gold... Ichigo, to prove his status as a man, is on a quest to kill a legendary wolf. He finds friends in unexpected places and embarks on a method of defeat in which he sometimes holds little hope. Ichigo is a premed student with an interesting night job: Stripper at a gay bar. Feeling the need to find out who it is, Hiruma sends out his dog to go look for the person. Ichigo accompanied his friend on a trip to Mexico City.

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