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I’ve literally brought home jars of the stuff—which doesn’t contain the freaky ingredients of Nutella—each time I visit Italy, but it’s great to have this recipe on hand. I may remove it from the recipe to further streamline the process, since its absence isn’t missed. Stella Sep 29, 2011 · PM if the lack of butter doesn’t really seem to make a difference, what is its actual purpose in the recipe?We could all save some calories and have a purely vegan recipe to boot! i’m all for butter, butter, and more butter, where ever it makes life more tasty, but what is its purpose here?Pumpkin Seed Variation Use toasted pumpkin seeds in place of hazelnuts and replace the hazelnut oil with pumpkin seed oil. « Back to the Recipe Box Jan 31, 2011 · PM Sally, thanks for your comment!I’ve updated the recipe to take the assumption factor out! Just perhaps some brioche or a fresh baguette on which to spread a thick, creamy layer of the stuff…

If your kitchen is quite cold, it will set up much faster.Compared to the average batch of nut-brittle, there are a lot of nuts and not so much brittle.So the mixture will seem quite thick, but that is quite fine.I made this at work where it is about 60° and it set up . Just take care not to microwave the mixture if you are thawing it out, the heat will cause the crystallized sugar to melt out, destroying the additively crunchy texture of the paste.Whenever I make it at home (a balmy 72°) it can take several hours. If you’re looking for clever ways to use up a good portion of your Nutella, try layering it with the vanilla wafers in banana pudding!

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