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The tale of the siren: a beautiful creature that can grant wishes but steals the souls of those who attempt to approach it. Ludwig, Gilbert's brother, is new to the school and has heard about the bullying going on. In my opinion, HRE and Germany are the same person. A cross-over between "Beauty and the Beast" and "Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake". The solution: a new kitten that his boss doesn't want. Sequel to "Set Me Free" Jareth x Sarah Kaoru Kamiya is hidden away from her lover when she discovers he is a vicious killer. Italy is feeling guilty for leaving Germany and Japan and believes that it's his fault the Axis lost the war. Feli is being badly bullied by Gilbert and the rest of the 'Bad Touch Trio'. Basically, Ludwig finally realizes that the little 'girl' he used to love is Feliciano, and becomes unsure of his true feelings. Antonio has been feeling lonely with his recent break up with his on/off boyfriend. Along the way she gets involved in a murder case but there's something odd about it. Its not very good but its my first fan fic.be nice.enjoy!Now he helps find Inuyasha Kagome and their friends gather the sacred jewel shards and take down Naraku. She meets Vegeta who ruins her chance at being killed causing her to live her lonely life with a monster. Kagome had a plan: Inuyasha’s the prince, Kikyo’s the princess, and she’s the matchmaker. Kag Inu When Feliciana was just 15 years old a car crush almost stole her life, luckily she survived but her vocal chord was damaged resulting in losing her voice for good and it hurt a lot to her, not only her but to Ludwig as well. When they meet, Ludwig takes him in to prove he is not a heartless as he is thought to be. Maybe going fast is how's he's going to finally voice his feelings. (Country XReader - rating may go up in later chapters.) (Warning: Romano's potty-mouth x D)Germany decides to clean out his attic and finds a pushbroom that awakens some old, long forgotten memories. Ger Ita involved as well..Gilbert, for brotherly comfort.a follow up to my story "Bump Kick". Lucy dares Natsu to prove that dragons are not the bad guys. Na Lu Amu is now 18 years old and Ikuto been gone for 6 years. "The rain must have cause a power outage," the blue-haired man says and I gasp. " AMUTOWhen Kaoru accepts a bodyguard position to escort the lady Tsubame to her wedding, their airship is boarded by The Black Avenger, an airship commanded by the fierce assassin Battousai whose glowing eyes never leave the kendo master. Vegeta blames "the Woman" for keeping him from becoming a Super Saiyan, but one night she becomes the reason for the transformation. - In both Bulma's and Vegeta's POV and set in our favorite 3-year break. *Completed*One month after the crisis between the PPG and the RRB, Blossom is forced to stay with Brick once every week. This story will make more sense if you read that first. I mostly wrote this one for a line that will be near the end of the story. This angers the fairy and a curse falls on her, turning her into a boy, but she also took the memories of the person Italy loved the most. Italy /HREKagome works on a haunting hotel mission. EDIT: This story sucks, so unless you want to read crap my me..to chapter two! She seems to have friends, but is still missing something.Normal POVAn akuma hands Marinette a love potion for her to use on her crush. But in the process of Chat Noir trying to protect her, thinking the potion is something dangerous, he breaks it and ends up inhaling the fumes from it, and Marinette happens to be the first woman he sees. What will happen when the two get to know each other? Ok, so one minute I'm getting my groove on with my friend Eri, then some really cute dude and now the next thing I know I can't go out in the day and I have a sex drive that only the devil himself couldn't deny, did I mention the cute dude was a Vampire? Yes, she had it all figured out…except the matchmaker ends up making the prince attracted to HER instead of the princess. When Italy and Romano are late to a world meeting, the Axis and the Allies decide to head over to their house and see what's up. Ludwig expected to just have some victory-drinks when at the bar with Gilbert, Gilbert's boyfriend and their friends, but ended up saving a brunette from verbal abuse. It's Kagome birthday today so she tries to spend time with her friends it all ends badly as one thing catches Eri, Ayumi and Yuka's eyes. But will he make her birthday worth it or is that just a wish that will never come true? Vegeta first meets new student Bulma, he never knew he would fall in love with her. As summer goes by, Blossom unwittingly becomes closer to her male counterpart. Rated TUpon coming home early and finding Ludwig passed out in exhaustion, a look of content on his face, Feliciano takes the opportunity to draw him. She is assigned to room 415 and in this hotel she finds a very unhappy ghost who happens to be a half demon who is not fully dead. What would happen if The Vicomte de Chagny had left Christine and Erik was watching? See what happens when Amu starts getting e-mails from an unknown person. Kagome's living the life of a typical teenage girl but what happens when her parents plan on getting a divorce and her new next door neighbour, the badass half-demon, flips her whole life around? She goes to the only person who lived to see it all; Chase. The idea has been done, but i wanted to try my hand at it! Kimiko and all the others, including Keiko, are in high school! Of course, you were terrified of heights and began freaking out the moment it stopped. AU, Bx KSuddenly, four pale colored eggs with x's on them fell in front of me. Italy takes that advice to heart when he gets bold. A few years had past since Haruhi reviled to everyone that she was indeed a girl anime time and Tamaki had the courage to ask her out. In reality, HRE was really parts of today's Germany and some other European countries. When Cake is stuck in some creepy castle, and Fionna has to come save her, neither of them expect what they find: a vampire prince.'Remember that summer we went to the fair? You were so excited to see the fireworks that I arranged for the Ferris wheel to stop at the top? Just as he gets used to this cat, a new challenge is thrown at him. "I know that's what people say - you'll get over it. But when he finally manages to track her down, secrets hidden from her begin to be uncovered and they threaten to both alter and destroy her life. Germany reassures Italy, and tells him to never regret anything.So we ought to create something whose quality and content can uphold this pride.

A high proportion of anime are adapted from these, so many of the Japanese Visual Arts Tropes got their start here.

Antonio has been away for a month and Romano really missed him (though he'd NEVER admit it). Not only was the boy a jock, but he made up in the places where Arthur lacked, and vice versa for Alfred. America aren't really dating, but more flirty with each other. [Based upon The Lake House script] [USUK] [Human AU]During a meeting with all of the nations, a sudden power outage comes once again and everyone is getting sick and tired. You have nothing to worry about."Feliciano is worried about the changes that Ludwig seems to be going through, he seems to be distancing himself from Feliciano. So being curious, she goes and find out what so important to make her go up there. OOCFollowing the death of her mortal husband, Sarah is brought back to the Underground by Jareth to recover from her grief. However, in order to save his family, he must take their place as prisoner of a hideous beast within a gloomy castle. But when she receives a distress call from someone in her family... " Amu wants revenge on Ikuto for making her transform into Amulet Neko. I soon realized that it was not so much the haunting of a spirit that locked me in the well-house, but the broken heart of a hanyou boy.

So why is the Spaniard acting like he has something to hide? They may have seemed like complete opposites, but perhaps that is why they fit together so well... 'Art is something a person can use to express their feelings, sights, thoughts, senses, anything really...' AU, Gauken Hetalia. Hetalia AU: Arthur and his family live in the forest at the end of a dirt road. So it was going to be Halloween soon, and Officer Arthur Kirkland wondered what that rascal Jones was up to in this spooky season. But none can level up how Britain is fed up with this. Especially when America and Britain happen to be sitting next to each other in the dark.. Overcome with worry, Feliciano pushes to find out what is the cause of these changes, but what he finds out may be unexpected. but when he turns up at her window, bleeding badly, Jane would do anything to help him. In doing so, she learns some unpalatable truths about her marriage and is forced to face her true feelings about the Goblin King. Based on "Beauty and the Beast Everything is quiet and peaceful in Germany's study. Soon, however, he finds the little vampire following him. Feliciano has always been bullied for his accent, attitude and sexual orientation. Kimiko is a simple girl in her village who longs for something more, and oneday when she stumbles upon a palace, she gets her wish. For ten years, Sarah has dreamed of the Goblin King and his Labyrinth, but has convinced herself that it is just that; a dream. What if Bulma does get her original wish for the perfect boyfriend? She makes him transform with Ran, Miki, Suu, and Dia! - Inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupery's classic novella, The Little Prince.

This is so I don't have to remember to write this in each story I write, I do not own the characters unless they are my OCs. Germany and Italy walk through the park and find it's getting way too hot! However, Feliciano seems to be short the cash to pay for his ice cream. Ger Ita fluff It's the middle of July when Feleciano's car decides to take a turn for the worse. And Happy New Year, the year of the snake -v-Everyone warned her, everyone told her that the Vampire King was no good. Vegeta looks at you in such a way that I'm surprised he hasn't jumped your bones yet and I marvel at his self control! we all know you want to, especially since it's Amuto. A short little Ger Ita story I wrote at 5 in the morning on my friends bedroom floor. Or will she get to see a side of Inuyasha's demon that she's never seen before? And now she is in an online relationship with someone she doesn't know? oneshot Jareth enters a challenge to win Sarah's heart. Sarah doesn't believe in magic anymore and believes her trip to the Labyrinth was just a dream and nothing more. Italy decides that Germany has been working too hard lately and so wants to take him on a trip to the German speaking Italian region of Südtirol, but what are Italy's reasons for choosing this location? Lucy soon learns a few interest things about Natsu on this Christmas. Kagome's a medium and matchmaker of sorts; she sees ghosts and slays evil demons and spirits (most of the time).

Any reader inserts, you own yourself and the creators of the anime own the characters in that. To appease his brother, Feliciano goes from autoshop to autoshop in search of the perfect deal. Italy has been waiting for Holy Rome to return like he promised, yet he is starting to think that Germany is his lost love. He's one thousand years old and he's done nothing but cause trouble. The most common word used to describe him, however, was mean. But when she shows up alone in his cave, will danger follow? " -Chi Chi: Chapter 46, Tears of Blood Finally continued... Italy and Germany are watching ghost stories, and they end up telling each other their secrets as to why they like these shows. In the middle of a battle with a lion youkai, Inuyasha turns full demon. Italy makes pasta for an exhausted Germany and sings a little song as he makes it, not realizing that Germany is watching him sing the entire time he is dancing and making pasta... Anyway, in it, Kimiko is a foreign exchange student from Japan coming to China... I don't really know whether its T or K so please don't get mad at me! Tohru is a princess, locked away in a tower, waiting for her hero. The rest of the time, she plays matchmaker for an immortal who gave her the gift to see red strings of fate. In an AU, Saiyans conquer the Earth, and Bulma and her family eventually find themselves on Vegetasei as slaves to the King and his royal court.

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