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It is the same file that our employee is working on that is displayed on the tv.From what I have seen so far, we cannot do it just through excel because our workbook has tables or something. Show End Sub Private Sub User Form_Terminate() Find Rec.

Value = Active Control End If End Sub Private Sub Calendar1_Dbl Click() Rec_Viewer. Cursor Location = ad Use Client 'Necessary to disconnect the recordset. Active Connection = Nothing 'Disconnect the recordset. I am not getting any error i debug code in break mode copy printed statement of update query put it into acees sql view and amzingly its working fine in access But why its nt wrking frm excel wts wrong in my code.. Show End If End Sub First thnx so much for lukin into this Fetching records frm excel works fine but update query statement is nt working.

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Hide Unload frm Calendar End Sub Private Sub User Form_activate() frm Calendar.

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