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However, using Schema-Infer XML Schema can be helpful when creating a schema from scratch, given sample data.One place where the Infer XML Schema functionality can be very useful is when dealing with a complex schema/DTD like Docbook where there are a lot of elements/attributes but you typically only use a small subset of those available.

One special case worth mentioning is the use of one grammar for validation and a separate one for tag completion (or tag prompting).To make sure that the data that you enter conforms to any enumerations that are defined in the mapped schema, you may need to further validate the data by using the Data Validation command in the Data Tools group on the Data tab.For more information, see XML Schema Definition (XSD) data type support and Prevent invalid data entry in a worksheet.We are glad to share this tool with the XML community.It was initially developed for our internal use because we could not find an online XML validator that can handle multiple external DTD or schema files.

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